Thanks for being interested in contributing to NEM documentation, we welcome you!

To expand and improve the documentation, please find or open an issue about it first and talk about what you would like to do. We enjoy working with contributors to get their pull request accepted.

It may happen that somebody is already working on it, or that there are particular issues that you should know about before implementing the change.

How to submit a contribution

Fork and clone the repository

Fork the main documentation repository and clone it to your local machine. See github help page for help.

Submitting your changes

Once your changes are ready to submit for review:

  1. Test your changes

Run make livehtml and preview your changes.

  1. Submit a pull request

Push your local changes to your forked copy of the repository and submit a pull request. In the pull request, choose a title which sums up the changes that you have made, and in the body provide more details about what your changes do. Also, mention the number of the issue where the discussion has taken place, e.g. “Closes #123”.

Then sit back and wait. There will probably be a discussion about the pull request and, if any changes are needed, we would love to work with you to get your pull request merged into the main branch.


NEM Catapult documentation for developers is not written from scratch. It is the sum of previous effort and documents written by the community and core developers, adapted for this new release. Thank you!

We want to recognize the current contributors who provide content and improve the quality of this documentation.